A Complete Guide To Buying Solar Lighting

A Guide to Solar Lighting

Recent advances in solar lighting technology have improved illumination quality while reducing purchase costs.

Solar is much cheaper to install compared with mains powered lighting. solar powered lights are more flexible to install because they don’t require a mains supply.

Over the past few years, solar technology has advanced rapidly.

Illumination has been increased while simultaneously reducing power consumption through the use of LED bulbs. Direct sunlight used to be essential for solar light to work efficiently. Energy collection technology has improved greatly recently. The efficiency of solar power is expected to continue to improve in the coming years.

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Solar lighting comes in several different styles. Wall mounted light fittings. Hung or post mounted lighting. Varied fairy light designs. Deck lighting which is designed to recess so it sits flush with the deck timber. Spot lights for security applications with PIR sensors. Light units will either have a solar panel built into the lighting unit, or it will be connected to a remote wired panel that can be situated in the best position to harvest natural sunlight. It will depend on the positioning of your lights as to which type of design is the best for you.

The size of the solar panels will determine the rate at which they can generate power, and integrated units tend to have smaller solar panels in them.

Solar lights with external wired panels will usually charge faster and more efficiently because the panels can be larger and ideally placed. Operational performance of solar lighting can easily be improved by replacing factory fitted rechargeable batteries with high quality ones which will hold a charge for longer. Your solar lights will work better and for longer with high quality batteries fitted.

How to Get the Best from Solar Lights

As with house buying, with solar lighting, it is all about location, location, location. If possible, place your lights in direct sunlight for the bulk of the day. If your lights spend too much time in the shade then their performance will be reduced.

Performance will be reduced if trees or buildings cast a shadow over your lights, so try to position them for optimum conditions. As solar technology and battery evolve, we can expect to continue to see the performance of solar lighting improve further. Annual solar light sales grows year on year and is set to keep doing so.

Solar energy reduces our reliance on the planets natural fuel reserves as well as making your energy bill cheaper.